Rights and obligations of the tenant and the landlord
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Rights and obligations of the tenant and the landlord

When signing the lease, the landlord cannot ask for more than the amount of the first term (usually one month) in advance. The landlord also cannot ask for a deposit for the keys or to cover the cost of possible damages. The landlord must deliver the dwelling to you on the date stipulated in the lease.

In signing the lease, the landlord commits to handing over a dwelling that is clean and in good condition. As a tenant, you commit to maintaining its good condition. You are not responsible, however, for changes due to normal use or ageing. During the lease, neither the tenant nor the landlord may modify the structure of the dwelling, for example, knocking down a wall to enlarge a room, unless by mutual agreement.

The landlord and the tenant must respect the laws and regulations related to the safety and cleanliness of the dwelling. To maintain a dwelling in good condition, the tenant must, for example:

  • take out the garbage and put it in the appropriate place—usually the sidewalk—on pick-up days and not let garbage accumulate in the building;
  • not keep animals in the dwelling if it is prohibited under a municipal by-law, building regulation or the lease;
  • maintain and regularly clean the sanitary (sinks, toilet, shower and bathtub) and electrical appliances (refrigerator, stove, washing machine and dryer) included in the dwelling;
  • not use the dwelling for any other purpose than the one indicated in the lease, namely, to live there;
  • not allow an excessive number of people to live in the dwelling given Québec standards of comfort and cleanliness or municipal by-laws.


The tenant must also conduct him or herself in a manner that does not disturb the normal enjoyment of the premises of the other occupants of the building.


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