Learning about the education system
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Learning about the education system

The following information will be useful if:

  • you have children
  • you hope to pursue your own studies in Québec
  • you would like to know how the Québec education system compares to the one you know.

If you plan to stay in Québec to study, go to the Foreign students section.

Finding out about education in Québec

Before your departure for Québec, find out about the Québec education system, its specific characteristics and its requirements, whether you are a student or a parent of young children, adolescents or young adults.

Registering your child in childcare services (day care)

You have a preschool age child and would like to register him or her in a day care. Before starting this process, find out about the various choices offered by the Québec network of childcare services.

Applying for admission to a school, college or university

It is important that you know when, where and how to apply for a school, college or university and what documents you need to present. This way you will avoid wasting time or having to postpone your studies.

Obtaining a general evaluation of your studies outside Québec

How do the studies you did outside Québec compare with the Québec education system? The Évaluation comparative des études effectuées hors du Québec (comparative evaluation of studies done outside Québec) issued by the Ministère provides a general comparison that can help you answer this question.


Useful links

For the latest education news or for more information on the Québec education system and teaching institutions in Québec, consult the following sites:

  • Services Québec
    Information on the laws, programs and services of the government of Québec, as well as other services useful to the population. 
  • Adult Learnline
    Information on skills needed to undertake a new career
  • Info-Alpha
    Information on literacy training
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