Registering your child in childcare services
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Registering your child in childcare services (day care)

To promote the harmonious development of children, ensure equal opportunity and respond to the needs of parents, in particular by helping them balance their parental and professional responsibilities, the Québec government created a network of educational daycare services.

Parents can count on a network of subsidized and non-subsidized daycare services with over 280,000 spaces. These services are offered to young children, from birth to the beginning of kindergarten, that is, at about five years of age. To obtain a space, it is best to register your child within the first few days of your arrival in Québec. To register for a space, use the one-stop service: La place 0-5.

Parents also have access to home daycare services. This type of service is provided by a responsible person, in a private home, for a fee.

Subsidized and non-subsidized daycare services are offered by different types of service providers. To find out more, contact the Ministère de la Famille: 1-877-216-6202.


  • To obtain a space in a home daycare, contact the Ministère de la Famille: 1-877-216-6202.
  • To obtain a subsidized space in a daycare centre, you can register your child at La place 0-5.
  • To obtain a subsidized space, submit an eligibility application.
  • For all other information: 1-877-216-6202.


School daycares

Kindergarten and elementary school schedules rarely coincide with those of working parents. In addition, school holidays, such as pedagogical days, sometimes fall on workdays. Most schools offer childcare services at the school before classes start in the morning, at lunchtime and after school.

Children who attend these services after school can use the time to do their homework.



As a parent, you may ask your governing board to set up a childcare service in your school, provided you can demonstrate a need for it.



Parents who send their children to the school childcare service for a minimum of two and a half hours a day for at least three days a week pay minimal daily fees. However, other costs such as fees for meals eaten at school or special activities organized by the childcare service may be added. Contact your school or school board to find out which schools provide these services.


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