Sharing common values
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Sharing common values

Québec is a French-speaking society, a democratic society based on the rule of law and made rich by its diversity. The Québec state and its institutions are secular.

Québec welcomes immigrants from the four corners of the earth with their know-how, skills, language, culture and religion. Québec provides services to help them integrate and participate fully and completely in Québec society.

To integrate into Québec society is to be prepared to know and respect its common values. To support newcomers in this process, the Ministère, working alongside various organizations, offers information sessions in French on, among other things, the common values of Québec and how they shape daily life.

Speaking French is a necessity
A free and democratic society
A society enriched by its diversity
A society based on the rule of law
Political and religious powers are separate
Men and women have the same rights
The exercise of human rights and freedoms must respect the rights and freedoms of others and the general well-being

Common values

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