Québec's immigration plan for 2021
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Québec's immigration plan for 2021

On October 29, the Québec Immigration Plan for 2021 (French only - PDF, 743 kB) was tabled in the National Assembly, in accordance with the provisions of the Québec Immigration Act.

The annual immigration plan establishes the selection targets in the immigration categories under Québec’s selection powers, that is, economic immigration (primarily skilled workers and businesspeople) as well as refugees selected abroad. The immigration plan also stipulates the number of people that will be admitted to Québec as permanent residents.

The Québec Immigration Plan for 2021 is the second plan arising from the orientations adopted on the basis of the public consultation on immigration planning in Québec for 2020-2022, held by the Committee on Citizen Relations in summer 2019.

Admissions below target levels for 2020

The year 2020 has been marked by an unprecedented health crisis. The economic slowdown combined with the closing of borders and travel restrictions had an impact on achieving the Québec Immigration Plan for 2020. Indeed, the number of immigration admissions was significantly curbed. In 2020, only 59 to 70% of planned admissions were achieved, that is, between 25 600 and 30 500 people. The estimated range of unfulfilled admissions is between 13 000 and 18 0001.

Maintaining the focus on the multi-year planning targets for 2021

The Québec Immigration Plan for 2021 will aim for a permanent immigration level of 44 500 to 47 500 admissions as set out in the current multi-year plan. A rebalancing is also planned with the admission of an additional 7000 people, representing the deferment of some of the admissions that were not fulfilled in 2020 due to the health crisis. Economic immigration should represent 62% of all immigration in 2021. In order to ensure the flow of admissions in the future, the MIFI plans to issue, in 2021, between 26 500 and 31 200 Québec selection certificates in the categories under its jurisdiction.

This rebalancing solution was adopted because even though the health crisis has caused an unexpected economic crisis, labour shortages are gradually resurfacing in several sectors. A deficit in immigration admissions could exacerbate labour scarcity when Québec emerges from this crisis and weaken its economic rebound. This solution also takes into account the demographic challenges facing Québec.

You can consult the Québec Immigration Plan for 2021 in the Publications administratives section (in French only).

1 Estimate based on the actual admission data as at August 31, 2020
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