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Personalized action plan

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Personalized action plan

   The minister of Immigration, Francization
   and Integration announced a new Personalized
   Integration Path. To learn more, visit the web
   page of this new service.

As soon as you receive your Québec Certificate of acceptance, the personalized action plan will help you take the main steps to ensure your successful integration into Québec.

It includes:

  • a list of steps to take in chronological order from your country of origin and once you are in Québec;
  • thematic sheets to write down and organize the information that you will have collected over the course of your integration. These sheets include explanations, hyperlinks to websites, checklists and self-evaluation tools.

This plan will allow you to:

  • develop an overview of the steps you must take to facilitate your linguistic, social and occupational integration;
  • set realistic objectives;
  • assess your needs in terms of settling in Québec and finding a job;
  • use effective strategies to attain your objectives.

In Québec, your personalized action plan will allow the support organizations you consult to better identify your needs and help you in your process.

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