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List of criteria and their score

The invitations are sent according to criteria:

  • related to human capital, namely:
    • Knowledge of French;
    • Knowledge of French and English;
    • Age;
    • Length of professional experience;
    • Level of education.
  • related to the needs of the labour market in Québec and to changing government priorities (e.g., having an occupation considered to be in complete or slight shortage of workforce in Québec or having a good knowledge of French), namely:
    • Workforce diagnosis combined, if applicable, with the length of experience in the profession practised;
    • Field of training;
    • Québec diploma;
    • Length of professional experience in Québec;
    • Length of professional experience in the rest of Canada;
    • Validated job offer combined, if applicable, instead of the job depending on whether it is located inside or outside the territory of Greater Montréal.
  • related to the spouse or de-facto spouse (if applicable), namely:
    • Knowledge of French;
    • Level of education;
    • Québec diploma;
  • Certain invitations can also be sent based on criteria such as: the destination region in Québec;
  • Profession practised.

All criteria are scored or are used to identify a specific profile. Then, these criteria can be used to classify people in the expression of interest bank. People can thus be invited, in particular on the basis of their score.

The criteria are determined by ministerial order published in the Gazette officielle du Québec (in French only). Consult the Score associated with the criteria (PDF, 154 kB) used for the classification of foreign nationals in the expression of interest system, as determined in the decision currently in force.


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