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Learning French is not only free, itís rewarding!


Five inspiring stories to discover

  • “I wanted to learn French so that I could realize my dream of becoming a police officer.”

    Discover John's story, a Sûreté du Québec police officer


Below is a summary in English of this video brief in French.

When John arrived in Québec at the age of 19, he did not speak French. He didn’t understand what people were saying to him, and that is what motivated him to learn the language. The young man wanted to integrate into Québec society and obtain a diploma. John dreamed of becoming a police officer. He took French courses offered by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion. John is now a police officer with the Sûreté du Québec in Drummondville. He invites anyone who hesitates to learn French to go for it because, in his opinion, it is the first step towards having a good life here in Québec.

Spanish version

  • “When I arrived in Québec, 22 years ago, I spoke no French. Now I’ve written a book in French and teach at a college in French.”

    Discover Hadi's story, a political science teacher

  • “I took the French courses offered by the Ministère de l’Immigration. My dream is to become a social worker. I love learning French!”

    Discover Tahmina's story, a social work student

  • I learned French because I wanted to open as many doors as possible. Québec offers wonderful opportunities for those who wish to settle here.”
    Discover Min's story, a business account manager

  • “The main reason I wanted to learn French was to be able to integrate into the new society I’m living in and where my children will grow up.”

    Discover Noura's story, a secretarial science student

Testimonials from immigrants who learned French by taking Ministère courses. These testimonials are in the mother tongue of the individuals since they are intended to reach people from their communities who do not speak French. Only the "Discover John's story" capsule was produced in French. The other capsules are accompanied by a written summary in French and in English.

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