Daily life in Québec
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Finding out more about daily life in Québec

Until now, you have gathered a lot of information about Québec. Keep discovering Québec in all its facets. Share your discoveries with the family members who are accompanying you.

To help guide you in your research, here is a list of important topics to explore. Enjoy!

  • First, acquaint yourself with the values of Québec society as well as individual rights and responsibilities.
  • Find out about the French language and courses available for the spouse and children of temporary workers.
  • Find out about topics that affect you directly:
    • how and when to look for housing, tenants’ rights and responsibilities
    • transportation
    • banking and credit services
    • Canadian currency
    • consumer taxes
    • business hours
    • climate
  • Read about current events in Québec newspapers and magazines.
  • Read about history, politics and the status of women in Québec.

The more you know about Québec, the more you will appreciate it!


To learn more

Common values
Portrait of the territory
French language
Daily life (health, family, status of women, transportation, personal finances, Canadian currency, taxes, business hours)

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