Customs clearance for your personal effects
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Finding out about customs clearance for your personal effects

When entering Québec, temporary workers may bring in, duty free, personal and household items such as furniture, appliances, dishes, automobile, etc.

To do so, you must give the customs officer a list that clearly distinguishes between items you are bringing with you, and those that will arrive later. It is a good idea to have two copies of this list, preferably typewritten, and to include the description, model, serial number, where applicable, and the value of these effects.

The customs officer may require you to make a refundable security deposit for the durable goods imported temporarily. The officer will create a control document and attach to it a copy of the list of personal effects. This document will grant a reasonable amount of time for the transportation of goods to the place of residence in Québec.



Temporary workers who intend to apply for a status other than that of temporary resident or who intend to work in Québec (or elsewhere in Canada) for more than three years, must inform the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency since their import rights may not be the same.

It is also important to contact the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency:

  • to inform them of a change of address
  • before returning to the country of residence


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