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Schooling of the children of temporary workers

Authorizations to study in Québec

Generally speaking, where either parent is holding a work permit and is accompanied or joined by a minor child, the latter must obtain a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ - Québec Acceptance Certificate) for studies as well as a study permit issued by the Government of Canada. These requirements apply to minor children as of primary level.

Minor children of parents who are temporary workers do not need to have a CAQ for studies or a study permit if they arrive in Québec before school age.

In order for a child to attend kindergarten, primary school or secondary school, the temporary worker must apply for admission at the school board serving his or her neighbourhood.

In Québec’s public school system - preschool, primary and secondary education - there are no school fees for children of individuals legally residing in Québec as temporary workers. Tuition fees demanded by private institutions, colleges or universities are the same for the children of temporary workers as for Québec residents.

Language of schooling

Even if, under the Charter of the French Language, children must attend a francophone school until the end of secondary school, temporary foreign workers can choose the language of instruction and the educational institution of their children during their stay.

Studies in French

Children who are enrolled in the public sector but do not have sufficient knowledge of French are placed in transitional classes until they have learned sufficient French to be able to attend regular classes.

Studies in English

A temporary workers who wants to enrol a child in an educational institution where instruction is provided in English, must request a temporary authorization from the institution in question. The child’s birth certificate or, failing that, any other official document certifying the child’s date of birth, sex and filiation is required.


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