Preparing the file
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Preparing the file

Forms and supporting items to provide

To apply for a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ – Québec selection certificate), you must complete the Application for selection certificate – Principal applicant, spouse or de facto spouse following the instructions and enclose the following with your application:

  • exact payment of fees;
  • appendices and declarations required depending on your situation;
  • the Financial self-sufficiency contract;
  • supporting items required depending on your situation.


IMPORTANT: The application must include the form, duly completed and signed, all necessary documents, and payment of the required fees (in Canadian currency only), otherwise it will be returned to the applicant without being processed.


If you wish to have your spouse or de facto spouse immigrate with you, the latter must complete an Application for selection certificate – Principal applicant, spouse or de facto spouse separate from yours.

The required supporting items vary depending on the Québec immigration office where you submit your application.

If you meet the conditions allowing you to submit your CSQ application to the Direction de l’immigration économique – Amérique du Nord, see the list of forms and documents to enclose with your official immigration application.

Please note that the Ministère is applying new rules for the intake of applications for the Québec Selection Certificate (CSQ). From now on, several verifications will have to be done before a file can be opened. In this context, the Ministère has suspended its 30-day commitment to send a letter confirming that a new file has been opened.

If your file meets the conditions for submitting an application, a letter confirming that your file has been opened will be sent to you within 4 to 7 months.

Certified true copies

All documents provided in support of your CSQ application which are not originals must be authenticated by the institution which has custody of the originals or by the legal authority competent to certify a document copy as genuine.


All documents that you enclose with your application which are written in a language other than French or English must be accompanied by an official translation into French or English done or approved by an accredited translator.

Application form for permanent residence

If you are eligible for submit your application for a CSQ to the Direction de l'immigration économique – Amérique du Nord and plan to apply for permanent residence to the Centralized Intake Office in Canada, in Sydney, Nova Scotia, you may attach the Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008) to your CSQ application.

The Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion will stamp the receipt date on your forms (IMM 0008 and CSQ application). This date will be taken into account by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to determine priority when it processes your application for permanent residence.

If the decision on your application is positive, the Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008) will be returned to you with your CSQ. You do not need to enclose the fee to process your permanent residence application at the CSQ application step.


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