Applying for admission to university
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Applying for admission to university


The normal academic year is divided into two sessions, the fall term(early September to late December) and the winter term (early January to late April). There are also spring and summer terms which offer fewer courses.

To be admitted at the undergraduate level, the university must receive your duly completed application for admission:

  • before March 1 for the upcoming fall term
  • before November 1 for the winter term. (Since the period required to obtain study authorizations is often extensive, it is best to apply before August 1.)

For graduate studies, your application must be received before February 1. Since the deadlines for admission to certain programs may be earlier, it is best to confirm the dates with the university that you have chosen.

Late applications may be considered if the program is not subject to quotas.


All stated deadlines are the same as for Québec students. Since the period required to obtain entry authorizations is often extensive, it is recommended you submit your application for the fall term in early January.  


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Admission is based on consideration of your file. To apply to your chosen university, you need to obtain the institution's application for admission. The application form can be obtained either by mail or by downloading it from the university's website. Some universities also allow you to apply online.

Your application for admission must include the following:

  • your most recent transcript
  • your birth certificate
  • payment of the fee for evaluating your application (between C$30 and C$100)

Certain disciplines may have other requirements or require additional documents: portfolio, interview, audition, letters of interest, letters of recommendation, etc.


Decisions pertaining to admission are often based on the official preliminary results that are available when the files are being reviewed. They also take into account the student's cumulative academic record. Students who qualify by only a narrow margin are not assured of being admitted into a program subject to a quota.  


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