Applying to CEGEP
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Applying to CEGEP


The normal college year is divided into two sessions, the fall term (late August to late December) and the winter term (early January to late May). Application for admission files must be received by no later than:

  • March 1 for the upcoming fall session
  • November 1 for the winter term. (Since the period required to obtain study authorizations is often extensive, it is best to apply before August 1.)

Late applications may be considered if the program is not subject to a quota.


As a rule, applications for admission to a public CEGEP must be addressed to the regional admission service to which the CEGEP selected belongs.

In a given year, a student can apply to only one program and to only one CEGEP under a single regional admission service. If your application is rejected, the regional admission service may ask you to make second choice. This restriction is to ensure access to programs subject to quotas by eliminating multiple applications.

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Depending on the regional admission service concerned, you can fill out your application online or download the application form for foreign students, complete and return it by mail, along with the required documents and payment. Make sure you follow the instructions applicable to foreign students, which differ from those applicable to Québec students.

For an overview of the steps to take when applying to a public CEGEP, read the section entitled Démarches pour demande d’admission (steps for applying for admission) on the Cégep International website.

To submit an application for admission to a public CEGEP that is not part of a regional admission service or to any other college-level institution, you must contact the school directly.

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