Admission and registration
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Admission and registration


Unless you have a valid permit to stay in Canada, you have to apply for admission from outside Québec. This involves submitting to the educational institution of your choice, in accordance with the prescribed procedure, a duly completed application for admission to a specific program of study.

You can submit several university applications simultaneously and, as a result, be admitted to several programs or institutions. If you are admitted to more than one program, you have to decide which one you want to enrol in.


Registration in a CEGEP or university consists in choosing, among the courses being offered in the upcoming term, a certain number of courses from the program to which you have been admitted. You must register again at the beginning of each new regular semester to maintain your student status.

As a foreign student, you are required to be enrolled full-time in each regular semester, i.e. the fall and winter semesters. At the undergraduate level, a student's normal workload consists of five three-credit courses per semester, for a total of 30 credits per year. However, a minimum of four courses (12 credits) per semester is also considered full-time. At higher levels, full-time enrolment is generally defined as nine credits while at the CEGEP level, full-time enrolment is considered a minimum of 12 credits per semester or 180 hours of coursework.

Registration is done in Québec, shortly before the beginning of classes. In some cases, students can also register online.


  • Since CEGEP or university tuition fees depend on the number of courses/credits you register for, they are not payable until after you register.
  • Institutions set deadlines for the payment of tuition fees and for course withdrawals (with or without refund, or without a “Fail" grade being noted on the student's transcript).
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