List of documents to be included – Group of two to five persons
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List of documents to be included – Group of two to five persons

You must return all forms and required documentation in the reply envelope, with sufficient postage affixed. See the list hereinafter.

The documents that you send us will not be returned. We recommend that you submit copies, except in the few cases where originals are required.

  • The Undertaking – Collective Sponsorship – Group of two to five Persons form (Dynamic PDF, 178 Kb) duly completed and signed by every member of the group
  • The Sponsor’s Individual Record – Collective Sponsorship – Group and Joint Application Undertaking (Dynamic PDF, 163 Kb) completed and signed by each member of the group, and accompanied by the following documents:
    • A copy of your proof of Canadian citizenship (citizenship card or birth certificate) or permanent residence (Record of landing document or permanent resident card)
    • A copy of your last Québec income tax return, including all schedules filed
    • A copy of your last notice of assessment issued by the Agence du Revenu du Québec
    • A copy of your last notice of assessment issued by the Canada Revenue Agency
    • A copy of all recent tax slips indicating your employment or other income: Relevé 1, T4, etc.
    • A copy of all records of employment issued in the past 12 months for Employment Insurance purposes, indicating termination of employment or a layoff
  • The duly completed Sponsor’s or Co-signatory Spouse’s Declaration of Authorization (Dynamic PDF, 251 Kb) signed solely by the sponsor
  • The Application for Permanent Residence in Canada forms from Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • (Strongly recommended) A photocopy of a document recognizing the sponsored person’s refugee status, issued by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (HCR) or a foreign State
    • The original of this document could be presented by the sponsored person during the interview at the Canadian Visa Office.
    • The UNHCR Asylum Seeker Certificate and the UNHCR registration card are not considered valid proof.


Please note that forms must be filled out in French. The English translations (specimen) are included only to help you do so accurately.

Downloading, printing and saving forms

  • To view or print PDF files, you must download the Adobe Reader program (version 6.0 or higher) available for free on the Adobe website.
  • You can complete on line the forms marked "dynamic." Print, sign and forward them by mail.
  • It is possible to save the dynamic PDF form using Acrobat Reader (version 6.0 or higher) and a minimal version of Windows XP. To save, click on the "Save" button on the Acrobat Reader toolbar.


Additional documents to produce if you are presently employed

  • The original of a letter from each of your current employers – The letter must state the number of hours you work per week, your starting date, your expected job termination date where applicable, your gross annual salary, and your cumulative gross earnings in the current calendar year.
  • For each job you now hold, a copy of the stubs from your last two paycheques, or otherwise, a copy of the last two paycheques you cashed, stamped by the bank

Additional documents to produce if owner of a business or self-employed

  • A copy of your business registration or incorporating document
  • A copy of your last Québec income tax return including a copy of your statement of income and expenses (Schedule L and TP-80 form) and the Information Return for the Québec Enterprise Register (Schedule O)
  • A copy of the latest Notice of Assessment issued by Revenu Québec

Additional documents to produce if your employment income is insufficient

  • A copy of any official document with your name on it indicating other sources of income, such as a pension, permanent government benefits, etc.
  • Proof of investment income:
    • a copy of your latest account statement (bank, investments, RRSP, etc.) and/or
    • the original of a bank letter stating the holder’s name, opening date, and balance of your accounts, term deposits, RRSP, etc., as well as the applicable interest rates, and/or
    • a copy of proof of holding bonds and the applicable interest rates
  • A copy of your latest municipal property tax account statement, indicating the standardized value of your property, if you own real estate
  • The original of a bank letter confirming the balance of your mortgage or mortgage discharge, if you own real estate

Note: If your spouse agrees to disclose his or her income, he or she must provide the same documents as you, except the Undertaking Form, the copy of proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residence and the Sponsor’s or Co-Signatory Spouse’s Declaration of Authorization.



The Ministère may verify directly or by means of a third party the accuracy of the information provided in your application.

The Ministère may reject an application that contains false or misleading information or documents and may refuse to consider an undertaking application from someone who has provided false or misleading information or documents within the past two years. The Ministère may also take legal proceedings against a sponsor if he or she provides false or misleading information.



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