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Processing times

The time required to process applications varies due to a number of factors (overall selection objectives by geographic pool and immigration category, volume of applications for a Québec Selection Certificate submitted from various territories, international context).

These processing times apply to applications for a Québec Selection Certificate only. They do not include those that apply to applications to the Government of Canada for permanent residence.

Information regarding processing times is updated regularly.


Identify your country of habitual residence (the one you recorded in your application for a selection certificate). Applications currently processed during the selection interview are those that were SUBMITTED IN THE MONTHS INDICATED and were COMPLETE at that time (ready for the interview: duly completed form and declarations, certified supporting documents, certified translation, full payment of fees). Currently, no selection interviews are being conducted in countries where no month has been indicated.

To find out about processing times, select the country where you legally reside (the one you recorded in your application for a Québec Selection Certificate):



Selection missions for skilled workers are carried out in several countries at different times of the year. Some missions can take place on the same dates in a given territory. Consult the schedule of selection missions which is updated every two months, but is subject to change at any time.  


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