Preparing before departure
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Preparing before departure to make your integration into Québec easier

Here is some information to help you prepare before your departure:


  • Due to its latitude and location, Québec has a continental climate characterized by harsh winters and relatively hot summers.
  • While seasonal temperatures in Québec vary depending on the region, the average temperature is 22° Celsius in summer and -10° Celsius in winter.
  • Homes are equipped with heating systems that provide all the necessary comfort during the cold season.
  • Winter clothing (coats, hats, boots, gloves) will protect you from the cold outdoors.
  • If you arrive in Québec between October 15 and April 15, and you are not dressed warmly enough for the season, winter clothing will be provided to you at the airport.


French is the official language of Québec. You will need it to buy groceries, to look for and hold a job, to speak with your children’s teacher and to make new friends.

You can get a head start by using the bank of online French exercices offered free of charge. Once you have arrived in Québec, you can also register for French courses.

Diplomas and proofs of employment

If you have your diplomas, educational certificates and academic transcripts, it is important to bring them with you in order to have them recognized in Québec. It is also useful to bring proof of employment describing your past work experience and any responsibilities you may have held.

If you have the opportunity, try to find out everything you can about Québec, including the values of Québec society, the French language, the job market, health services, educational system, history, politics, cultural communities, religion and culture.


While settling in, you will be supported by a community organization. But you can also refer to the guide Learning about Québec. This tool provides useful information that will guide you through the integration process. It is available in French, English and Spanish.  

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