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Government-assisted refugee selected abroad by Québec

Millions of refugees throughout the world are courageously waiting to find a home where they can rebuild their lives in safety and dignity. Resettlement in Québec is one of the solutions available to nearly 2,000 government-assisted refugees each year. For more information and definitions, see Humanitarian immigration.

Welcoming Afghan refugees

The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan has forced thousands of people to flee their country. The Québec government announced that it will welcome Afghan refugees and that they will receive government assistance. To find out more, consult the page on welcoming Afghan refugees.

Your 5-step process!

Are you a government-assisted refugee who has been selected abroad by Québec? Below is a typical immigration process based on the experiences of other refugees. Take the time to read it. It will give you a general idea of the steps that may apply to your situation.

  1. Being selected by Québec
    Whether you are a refugee or interested in humanitarian immigration in Québec, find out about Québec’s procedures for selecting refugees abroad.

  2. Preparing before departure to make your integration into Québec easier
    You will soon be leaving for Québec. If possible, take advantage of the waiting period before your departure to prepare and learn more about your destination. This will make your integration into Québec that much easier.

  3. Proceeding to the Immigration Québec office upon arrival at the airport
    You have reached your destination. Consult this section for a brief overview of the entry and reception formalities that await you.

  4. Taking steps to successfully integrate into Québec
    The Government of Québec and several of its partners will guide you in your efforts in order to facilitate your integration.

  5. Bringing your spouse or children to Québec
    If you have been in Québec for less than a year and your spouse or children listed on your immigration application were unable to accompany you when you left, there are specific procedures for bringing them to Québec.

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