Preparing to welcome the sponsored person and his or her family
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Preparing to welcome the sponsored person and his or her family


Once the person you are sponsoring has been accepted, you can help him or her prepare for arrival in Québec. For example, you can send the person information about Québec.

If the person has Internet access, you can recommend websites that you find particularly interesting. If the sponsored person is not fluent in French, you can inform him or her of the online French exercises offered free of charge by Ministèrede l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration.

If the person you are sponsoring has Internet access and can read French, English or Spanish, you can direct him or her to the Learning about Québec guide. This comprehensive tool can be useful in guiding the sponsored person through all the steps of the integration process, including the job search. It is designed for use by people who are still abroad.  

It is important to prepare the sponsored person for what lies ahead and make the person aware of the challenges he or she will face with your help.

Reception at the airport

You should be informed about two weeks in advance of your sponsored person’s arrival. It is your responsibility to have a representative from your organization or group at the airport to meet the person you are sponsoring upon his or her arrival.


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