Instructions and forms – Joint undertaking formula
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Instructions and forms – Joint undertaking formula

Read the following instructions carefully. You must fill out three forms.



The undertaking covers the principal sponsored person and, if applicable, his or her spouse and dependent children. A separate undertaking agreement must be signed for any other person who does not fit the definition of a spouse, a de facto spouse or a dependent child.

On the sponsorship application, it is essential to declare:

- all members of the immediate family of the person you are sponsoring (spouse and dependent children), even if they are not accompanying the sponsored person;
- members of the sponsored person’s immediate family (spouse and dependent children) who are missing if you do not have confirmation that they are deceased.


Please note that forms must be filled out in French. The English translations (specimen) are included only to help you do so accurately.

1. Undertaking application form

Make sure that you fill out all the sections of the Undertaking – Collective Sponsorship – Joint Undertaking Application – Québec Resident and Legal Person form (Dynamic PDF, 181 Kb), paying special attention to the following sections:

Section 1, box A (does not apply to a “legal person” sponsor) – You must designate someone as the group’s spokesperson. This person must be among the sponsors. Upon obtaining information concerning the case file, this person must inform the other group members accordingly.

Section 2, box B “Members of the principal sponsored person’s family who are accompanying that person to Québec” – Enter the names of the persons who fit the definition of family member and are living with the principal sponsored person or whose contact information you have and who will be able to arrive in Québec with the principal sponsored person.

Section 2, box C “Members of the principal sponsored person’s family who are not accompanying that person to Québec but who are covered by the undertaking” – Enter the names of all family members who would accompany the principal sponsored person if they could. For example, this could be a spouse or dependent child whose whereabouts are unknown or who is in his or her country of origin or some other country and whose application cannot be processed simultaneously by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. It is important to include this person in the undertaking and to inform the principal sponsored person that he or she must also enter the name of that person on his or her applications for a Certificat de sélection du Québec and permanent residency.

Section 2, box D “Members of the principal sponsored person’s family who are not accompanying that person to Québec and who are not covered by the undertaking” – Enter the names of the persons who will not come to Québec but are members of the principal sponsored person’s family. You must prove that you are capable of meeting your financial obligations with respect to the entire family unit (both accompanying and non-accompanying family members).

Section 6 – Sign the form in the appropriate space, and enter the date and the location. Please specify whether your undertaking is for one year or three years. You can initially make an undertaking for one year, but if the Ministère concludes that the sponsored person is capable of successfully integrating into Québec society but will not be able to integrate into the labour market, you might have to sign a new three-year undertaking in order for that person to be accepted.

2. Sponsor’s Individual Record

The resident of Québec of your group must fill out and sign the Sponsor's Individual Record – Collective Sponsorship – Group and Joint Application Undertaking (Dynamic PDF, 178 Kb).

  • To protect the confidentiality of the information that you provide, insert this form, along with the required documentation, into a sealed envelope and attach it to the Undertaking form.
  • Please fill out every section. Incomplete forms will be returned, which will delay the processing of your application. Be sure to sign sections 3 and 7.
  • In section 5, enter the last and first names of your spouse and dependent children, if applicable. You must also provide us with complete information concerning sponsorships that you have already undertaken and details of your income.
  • See the list of offences before checking off the appropriate box for the fourth declaration in section 2.

3. Sponsor’s or Co-signatory Spouse’s Declaration of Authorization

If the resident of Québec has been separated or divorced, or if he or she has children from a previous union, he or she must fill out and sign the Sponsor’s or Co-signatory Spouse’s Declaration of Authorization (Dynamic PDF, 113 Kb). The spouse does not have to fill out this form, even if his or her income is factored in when the family income is calculated.

Read the provisions concerning verification of the information carefully. Please be advised that if you refuse to allow the information to be verified, your application will be denied.


Downloading, printing and saving forms

  • To view or print PDF files, you must download the Adobe Reader program (version 6.0 or higher) available for free on the Adobe website.
  • You can complete on line the forms marked "dynamic." Print, sign and forward them by mail.
  • It is possible to save the dynamic PDF form using Acrobat Reader (version 6.0 or higher) and a minimal version of Windows XP. To save, click on the "Save" button on the Acrobat Reader toolbar.


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