Application for Permanent Residence in Canada
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Application for Permanent Residence in Canada

Recommended procedure:

  • The sponsoring group sends the forms for the Application for Permanent Residence in Canada to the sponsored person.
  • The sponsored person fills out the forms and returns them to the sponsoring group, accompanied by all of the required documents and photos.
  • The sponsoring group submits by mail the sponsorship undertaking accompanied by the sponsored person’s Application for Permanent Residence to the Direction de l’immigration familiale et humanitaire (DIFH). The DIFH then sends the complete application and the approved undertaking form to the Centralized Processing Office of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


You can obtain the Permanent residence application package containing the instruction guide IMM 6000, the application form IMM 0008, schedules A and 2 as well as the authorization to transmit information on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada site.


NOTE: Only sponsorship undertaking applications that are accompanied by an application for permanent residence in Canada are considered complete and eligible.


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