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Your procedure!

If you are a sponsorship organization or a group of two to five persons, here are the steps involved in applying to sponsor refugees.

  1. Learn about the Program for Refugees Abroad (Collective Sponsorship)
    Are you considering signing an undertaking to sponsor a refugee and his or her family? Find out what the requirements and your obligations are before you begin the process.

  2. Submit a collective sponsorship application
    You meet the requirements? You believe that the person you want to sponsor will be recognized as a refugee or a person in a similar situation? You are fully aware of the commitment you are undertaking? If the answer is yes, you can submit a collective sponsorship application.

  3. Prepare to welcome the person you are sponsoring and his or her family
    Once your sponsorship application and the person(s) you are sponsoring have been accepted, you can start helping them prepare for their arrival in Québec and make plans to welcome them at the airport.

  4. Assist with the integration process
    Upon arrival, the person(s) you are sponsoring will have several important steps and procedures to complete. You will need to help them with settling in and integration and provide information on the services offered by the Government of Québec and its partner organizations.

  5. Help the person you are sponsoring bring his or her spouse or children to Québec
    If the person you are sponsoring was not accompanied by the members of his or her family on arrival, find out about the requirements and procedure for bringing them to Québec.

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