Specific requirements
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Specific requirements

In addition to the prerequisites for sponsorship, you must also take into consideration the following specific requirements pertaining to the close relative you wish to sponsor.

Spouse, de facto spouse or conjugal partner

To sponsor this person, you must demonstrate that:

Dependent child

If the dependent child you are sponsoring has a child of his or her own, you must demonstrate your financial capacity.

Parents, grandparents and their dependent children

To qualify as sponsor, you must demonstrate that:

  • you have the financial capacity to support the person you wish to sponsor as well as all members of that person’s family, whether or not they are accompanying the sponsored person.

Brother, sister, nephew, niece, grandson, granddaughter, who is an orphan with no mother and father, under 18 years of age, and not married or a de facto spouse

To qualify as a sponsor:

  • you must first establish that you have the financial capacity to  support the child you wish to sponsor;
  • you must then undergo a psychosocial evaluation by the Centre jeunesse in your region in order to demonstrate that you are able to support and look after the child you wish to sponsor. The Ministère requests this evaluation. It then transfers it to the Centre jeunesse once it has been demonstrated that your financial capacity satisfies regulatory requirements. A fee is charged.

Child to be adopted (international adoption)

Please read the information on the process for adopting a child residing abroad before beginning the process in the child’s country of origin.

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