Help the sponsored person with the integration proceedings
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Help the sponsored person with the integration proceedings

When the sponsored person arrives in Québec, certain steps must be taken quickly. Do not hesitate to recommend that the sponsored person use the various services available to new immigrants. Your help and support will enable the sponsored person to save time and accelerate his or her integration.

To begin with, recommend that the sponsored person review the following steps.

Steps for the sponsored person to follow upon arrival in Québec

Perhaps you started some of these procedures before your arrival in Québec using Learning about Québec – Your Guide to Successful Integration. If this is the case, you have already taken the first concrete steps to facilitate your integration. You can now continue this process with the help of the guide and by taking advantage of various free integration services for new immigrants. The guide will be useful during your meetings with Ministère representatives and community organizations offering services for new immigrants as well as with those who will assist you in entering the job market.

If you have not yet embarked on this process, it would be best to do so now with the help of Learning about Québec – Your Guide to Successful Integration. Many chapters in this guide will help you evaluate your needs, set realistic objectives and choose the best methods for achieving them. This guide is an essential tool for all new immigrants. It contains information about the steps you need to take during your integration, depending on your personal and family situation and your goals, including how to:

  • obtain important documents upon your arrival (health insurance card, social insurance number, permanent resident card, driver’s license)
  • enrol in a French course to upgrade your language skills
  • access public services (education, childcare, health and social services, municipal, employment, family support) and banking services
  • expand your network of contacts
  • adapt to the Québec job market
  • continue or begin your job search
  • continue or begin procedures with regulatory bodies governing the practice of a trade or profession, if applicable.

The guide also provides information on welcoming and integration support services to ensure the successful integration of new immigrants. You can also contact the Ministère’s partner organizations to obtain support to begin these initial procedures or for assistance with more specific procedures.



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