Québec society, foundations and values
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Québec society, foundations and values

Immigrating also means sharing the values of the host society. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the values of Québec society to facilitate your integration.

Don’t hesitate to find out everything you can about life in Québec. Your sponsor will be able to answer many of your questions. In the meantime, take the time to find out about:

  • Québec society, its values and openness, and the rights and responsibilities of individuals, including immigrants (Living in Québec)
  • French, the common language in Québec, spoken by over 80% of the population (Living in Québec)
  • The advantages of living in Québec, the quality of life, the cost of living, safety, the economy and the many attractions (Living in Québec)
  • Employment:
    • Québec’s job market and job opportunities in your field (Working in Québec)
    • The specific conditions related to the practice of your profession or trade (access to regulated trades and professions) (Working in Québec)
    • Having your skills recognized in Québec (Working in Québec)
  • Healthcare services, the education system, childcare services, income security, tax obligations, etc. (Living in Québec)
  • Other topics of interest: history, politics, women’s and children’s rights, cultural communities, religion, climate, culture, popular recreational activities and the seasons (Living in Québec)

Take time also to learn about things that will affect you directly as a future immigrant depending on where you settle and your family and personal situation:

  • Job offers
  • Health services and the location of health establishments
  • Childcare services (daycares), elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities
  • Continuing education
  • Means of transportation
  • Sports and recreation services


To learn more

Where to settle? Section on Québec’s regions to help you learn more about the region where you will settle

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