Knowledge of French
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Knowledge of French

Knowledge of the French language is key to your integration and participation in Québec society. Upon your arrival in Québec, you will be immersed in a French environment. Activities like looking for housing, opening a bank account, and enrolling your children in school will all take place in French.

In your contacts with Quebecers, you will soon discover that people are open, kind and eager to communicate with you in their language. Your ability to express yourself in French will make it easier to talk with them. You will then be in a position to build a network of contacts that will help you settle in and find your first job. It is therefore essential that you have a good knowledge of French before you arrive in Québec.

Your sponsor will certainly be able to help you from time to time. But give yourself every chance to make your integration easier and faster!

To improve or perfect your language skills, enrol in a recognized French language school in your country.

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