A thriving economy
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A thriving economy

Québec enjoys an excellent business climate and offers an attractive investment environment.

A frontrunner in high technology

While natural resources were long the mainstay of Québec’s economy it has now fully embraced the era of the knowledge economy: telecommunications, multimedia and the life sciences.

Exports on the rise

Québec has carved out an enviable position in the export market as well. In 2004 exports of goods and services accounted for 33.4% of Québec’s GDP.

An undeniable entrepreneurial spirit

In Québec, more than 98% of businesses are small and medium-sized (SMBs) and 76% of them have fewer than five employees. Nearly 15% of workers are self-employed.

A few key sectors in Québec

Automotive and ground transportation equipment
Light metals
Life sciences
Information technologies and software


A voyage of discovery: Québec has developed exceptional expertise and know-how in more traditional sectors such as manufacturing and tourism.

Several other high-potential sectors also offer a wealth of business opportunities in each region of Québec.

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