Developing your business project
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Developing your business project

When applying for immigration to Québec under the Entrepreneur Program, you must include your business project, which will be the key factor in assessing your application.

Your business project must be presented in the form of a business plan. If you choose Component 1 of the program, you must also attach a service offer. Under the Component 1, these documents will be analyzed by the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation.

For instructions and criteria for writing a business plan, refer to the Service Offer Writing Guide - Entrepreneurs Program - Component 1 A-8200-JF (in French only - PDF, 142 kB) and to the Business Plan Writing Guide - Entrepreneurs Program - Component 1 A-8300-JF-V1 (in French only - PDF, 636 kB) or the Business Plan Writing Guide - Entrepreneurs Program - Component 2 A-8300-JF-V2 (in French only - PDF, 650 kB). You must use the business plan template included in the writing guide that corresponds to the component you have chosen. If you are applying under Component 1, the business incubator, business accelerator or university entrepreneurship centre will support you in carrying out your business project. It will have to draw up a service offer, for which the template and parameters can be found in the Guide de redaction de l’offre de services (Service Offer Writing Guide).

Need help developing your business plan?

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