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Investor Program


- Business immigrants program


Modifications to the immigration rules and procedures will enter into effect on April 1, 2015.

Modifications have been made to the List of areas of training; they entered into effect on January 26, 2015.

Please note that the Ministère is applying new rules for the intake of applications for the Québec Selection Certificate (CSQ). From now on, several verifications will have to be done before a file can be opened. In this context, the Ministère has suspended its 30-day commitment to send a letter confirming that a new file has been opened.

If your file meets the conditions for submitting an application, a letter confirming that your file has been opened will be sent to you within 4 to 6 months.



Please note that the Ministère has made changes to its procedures for processing applications for a selection certificate under the Investor Program. The Ministère will ensure that all files are complete before starting its assessment. This means that they must include all forms as well as all supporting and required documents. It is important that you read the instructions for submitting your application for a selection certificate in the form Documents submitted in support of the Application for Selection Certificate – Investors, and that you respect them.



An overview of Québec with a special focus on the quality of life, the education and health systems and the advantages of investing in Québec.



To be eligible for this program, you must:

  • Have, alone or with his accompanying spouse, including de facto spouse, net assets of at least $1,600,000 CAN obtained legally, excluding the amounts received by donation less than six months before the date on which the application was filed.
  • Have experience in management in a legal farming, commercial or industrial business, or in a legal professional business where the staff, excluding the investor, occupies at least the equivalent of two full-time jobs, or for an international agency or a government or one of its departments or agencies;

    • We define management experience as the exercise, for at least two years in the five years preceding the application for a selection certificate, of duties related to the planning, management and control of financial resources and of human or material resources under your authority; the experience does not include experience acquired in the context of an apprenticeship, training or specialization process attested to by a diploma.

  • Intend to settle in Québec and sign an agreement to invest $800,000 CAN with a financial intermediary (broker or trust company) authorized to participate in the Investor Program.

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The assessment of your application will also take into account other factors such as your age, the nature and duration of your professional training and your language skills.


  • The investment agreement is one of the documents to be submitted with the Application for a Québec Selection Certificate.
  • The investment of $800,000 CAN for a five year term is guaranteed by the Gouvernement du Québec.
  • Brokers and trust companies offer the possibility of financing the investment.
  • Revenues generated by the applicant’s investment will be used to finance two Québec business assistance programs, Business Assistance—Immigrant Investor Program and Programme d’aide à l’intégration des immigrants et des minorités visibles en emploi (job integration assistance program for immigrants and visible minorities)
  • At the end of the five year term, the broker or trust company will, within 30 days, reimburse the applicant $800,000 CAN without interest. However, the amount may vary if the applicant secured financing for the investment.


Personalized welcome sessions

Investissement Québec, a State-owned enterprise, offers immigrant investors a custom-tailored information session free of charge. You will obtain information on topics of interest to you, such as: Québec's economy, real estate, business opportunities references, education or any other topic you may suggest.

To register, visit the website of Investissement Québec.



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List of financial intermediaries


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