Applying for permanent residence
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Applying to the Government of Canada for permanent residence

The final admission of applicants comes under the jurisdiction of the Government of Canada. After being selected by Québec, you then have to submit an application for permanent residence (visa) to the Centralized Intake Office in Canada, in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

The Government of Canada will evaluate your medical file and those of your family members. It will also carry out security checks.

If you successfully complete this step, the Government of Canada will issue you a permanent resident visa.

  • To immigrate to Québec, applicants and their families are required to satisfy both Québec selection criteria AND Canada’s admission requirements.
  • An application for permanent residence is refused if the applicant’s health or that of a family member (accompanying the applicant or not) is deemed to present a health or public safety risk or to result in an excessive burden on the health and social services in Canada, even if the candidate has obtained a CSQ.


Costs and processing time for the permanent residence visa

The Government of Canada charges fees for processing an application for permanent residence (visa).

Fees for medical examinations and security checks are determined locally.

Processing time may vary from one country to the next.

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Once you have obtained permanent residence status, you can apply for Canadian citizenship from the Government of Canada if you satisfy certain eligibility requirements. For more information, visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada site.



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