Processing times – Investors
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Processing times – Investors

The Ministère has marshalled resources to limit the impact of the unprecedented crisis we are now experiencing. The measures taken in recent months to respond to the current situation do, however, have an impact on the processing times of applications.

The Ministère is aware of the impacts and would like to reassure you that important efforts are being made to minimize these delays while assuming its responsibility with respect to its employees' health.

The Ministère processes applications in the chronological order in which they are received and, where applicable, in accordance with a priority order established during the application management process.

Moreover, the time required to process applications varies due to a number of factors (overall selection objectives by geographic area and immigration program, volume of selection applications received from various countries and territories, international context).

These processing times apply to Québec selection applications only. They do not include processing times for applications to the Government of Canada for permanent residence.

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Last modification : 2020-07-27
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