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Specialized courses

Do you wish to practice your profession in Québec, or do you plan to pursue professional studies in the fields of health, engineering, applied sciences, administration, law or business?

Specialized courses in these fields are offered by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion. These courses, at intermediate and advanced levels, are offered on a part-time basis in the university or college setting.

Here are the steps to follow to choose a specialized course and to register.

You must register directly with the institution where you plan to take your course, and you must undergo an evaluation prior to registration.

1. Choose the session, schedule and institution where you wish to take your course based on the professional field you have chosen. Note that the Ministère could suggest that you register for another course based on your level of French and according to availability.

Click on the registration schedule to access the list of institutions that offer courses for the session you are interested in. Consult the schedules of the institutions in order to make your choice.

2. Contact the organization that you chose. It will tell you what steps to take.

To prepare yourself, you can download and complete the following forms:

You can also obtain these forms from the organization where you are registered.

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