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Full-time courses

Accelerate your integration in Québec by taking a full-time French course

Full-time French courses are offered through the Linguistic Integration Program for immigrants. They are intended for immigrants 16 years of age and over who have been living in Québec and residing in Canada for 5 years or less.

You are eligible for a full-time French course if your immigration status is one of the following:

  • Permanent resident;
  • Authorized to apply in Canada for permanent residence;
  • Granted asylum;
  • Holder of a temporary stay permit issued pending the granting of permanent residence or a Ministerial permit;
  • Naturalized Canadian citizen.

IMPORTANT! Since August 1, 2017, students admitted to a full-time French course can receive a participation allowance of $140 a week, regardless of their immigration category, as well as a transportation allowance.

To obtain financial assistance, you must apply at the same time as you submit an application to the Ministère for admission to a full-time French course to the Ministère.

After confirming your eligibility for a full-time French course, the Ministère will offer you training at one of its service partners' locations or at a school board with which it has an agreement, and will confirm your eligibility for financial assistance.


Have you been in Canada for more than 5 years or you are not eligible for a full-time French course? Take advantage of one of the many part-time French courses offered or use our online francization service.



Courses are offered throughout the year. Once you submit your application for admission, you can expect to start your training soon thereafter, even during the summer. Financial assistance is offered to individuals taking a full-time French course.

Each session is 11 weeks, 5 days a week

2017-2018 annual schedule of full-time course (in French - PDF, 36 Kb)

2017-2018 schedule, for information only. The Ministère might offer courses on another date, depending on demand.


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