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Financial aid

You can receive financial aid while taking your French course. However, you must meet certain conditions and fill out the form when you register. Conditions of eligibility for allowances are evaluated during the first teaching activity.

The Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion takes several factors into account to determine your eligibility for financial aid during your French courses:

  • your immigration status
  • confirmation of your admission to a Ministère French course
  • the type of course (full time, part-time or tailored course)
  • the number of dependent children
  • income or form of financial aid from the government.


  1. You must first be officially accepted into a Ministère French course.

  2. The Ministère will determine whether you are eligible for an allowance. The weekly allowance may vary, depending on your immigration status.
    However, certain persons are not eligible for the allowance if they are:
    - Participants in distance education
    - Persons receiving training from a company or another workplace organization
    - Undergoing a French immersion training period
    - Taking part in integration support activities that are not linked to a French course

  3. Finally, the Ministère will finally determine the type of aid that you are entitled to. There are three forms of allowance, depending on your situation:
    - participation allowance
    - child care allowance
    - travel or transportation allowance

Emploi-Québec authorization to take a French course also affects the financial aid you could receive.  


INFORMATION : Contact the Centre de contacts clientèle.


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