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Conditions of admission to allowances

The participation allowance is granted through the Linguistic Integration Program for immigrants.

NEW: Starting on August 1st, 2017, students admitted to a full-time French course can receive an allowance of $140 per week, regardless of their immigration category.                                                                                

Students are not eligible for participation allowance if they are receiving the following government benefits:

  • social assistance or solidarity benefits (under the Act respecting income support, employment assistance and social solidarity [CQLR, S-32.001]). Students are not eligible either if they are considered, within the meaning of this Act, to be a dependant of a person receiving such benefits, or if their spouse is receiving such benefits;
  • employment insurance benefits;
  • benefits from the Québec Parental Insurance Plan.

Travel, transportation and child care allowances

All persons who are taking full-time French courses under the Linguistic Integration Program for immigrants, even those who are not eligible for participation allowance, can receive travel, transportation or child care allowances.

Students admitted to full-time training can receive child care allowance if they are providing care to a disabled child or person. If the student lives with a spouse, the student must prove that the spouse is unable to take care of this person for one of the following reasons:

  • work,
  • studies,
  • illness,
  • disability.



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