Learning French in Québec or outside Québec
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Learning French in Québec or outside Québec

French is the official language of Québec, a common symbol of belonging to Québec society and of intercultural dialogue. More than 80% of the Québec population speaks French.

Have you immigrated to Québec or do you wish to settle here? You have everything to gain by speaking French. For this reason, the Ministère offers you an opportunity to learn French, whether you are still outside Québec or you have already arrived in Québec.

Learning French in Québec

Once in Québec, you have access to courses in different formats that are free of charge, flexible and adapted to your needs. Financial aid is provided under certain conditions to facilitate your attendance in class.

See our offering of free courses

Learning French outside Québec

The time devoted to learning French in your country of origin will certainly help you find your desired job more quickly in addition to facilitating your communications with the people around you.

See our offering of courses outside Québec

Learning French online

Do you want to:

  • evaluate your level of French knowledge?
  • take an online French course at a time most convenient to you?
  • improve your knowledge of French independently?

Register for our online francization service


For help understanding this information, use the on-line dictionaries (PDF, 20 Kb) or automatic translation sites (PDF, 20 Kb).  

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