French courses in the workplace
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French courses in the workplace

As an employer, you can help the immigrant members of your staff learn French.

Thanks to the workplace francization program, you can offer your non-Francophone employees free French courses in the workplace.

A service that benefits everyone!

  • Free courses
  • Qualified staff
  • Training adapted to the reality of work
  • Didactic material provided
  • A schedule adapted to your needs

How to sign up for the service

To obtain information about French courses in the workplace, please contact a business consultant at your local employment centre (Emploi-Québec).


Once you have determined your course offer, all you have to do is:

  • Provide a suitable space, equipment (one computer and one projector per class) and the necessary teaching tools;
  • Maintain the established schedule and allow the employees who registered for the course to participate for the entire duration;
  • Appoint someone to be responsible for francization in your business who will liaise with the teaching staff, inform them of any changes, maintain the attendance lists and provide the Ministère with any relevant information for the smooth functioning of the course;
  • Promote the active participation and perseverance of the employees registered for the course.


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