Finding out about the Québec job market
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Finding out about the Québec job market

Improve your chances of success by finding out as soon as possible about the Québec job market and, if possible, starting your job search before your departure.

First, find out about some of the characteristics and values of the Québec job market. Among other things, inform yourself of:


Use the guide Learning about Québec. It provides information and advice on how to facilitate your adaptation and entry into the Québec job market.  



  • In Québec, employers will ask for your social insurance number (SIN). Apply for this number as soon as you arrive in Québec.
  • Many Web sites provide information on the job market. They are an essential starting point for reaching your employment goals. You are strongly encouraged to visit them.


To learn more

Learning about Québec – Your Guide to Successful Integration
Steps to learning about the Québec job market and embarking on a successful job search.

Training session S’adapter au monde du travail québécois – Vivre ensemble au Québec


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