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In Québec, looking for a job is an individual responsibility that can be quite demanding.

Finding out about the Québec job market

You need to be well informed to make the right decisions as you look for a job. There are many aspects to the Québec job market. Getting the facts is essential!

Looking for and finding a job

It is a good idea to start your job search as early as possible. You can even take some steps before your departure, while others can only be taken once you arrive in Québec. The following information will help guide you in your job search.

Finding out about regulated professions or trades

In Québec, certain professions and trades are regulated. Before your departure, find out if the profession or trade you plan to practise is governed by a regulatory body or subject to regulatory requirements. It is important to find out as soon as possible what the conditions are for practising a regulated profession or trade. In some cases, you can begin admission procedures with the regulatory body even before you arrive in Québec.

Obtaining an Évaluation comparative des études effectuées hors du Québec

This evaluation can be useful when looking for a job, applying for studies or submitting your candidacy to the body regulating your profession or trade, if required. Find out if you require an Évaluation comparative issued by Immigration-Québec and, if so, how to obtain one.

Acquiring training if necessary

For a number of professions and trades, qualifications and work methods differ from one country to the next. You may require some training to adapt your skills or to familiarize yourself with various aspects of practising your profession or trade in Québec.

Creating your own job

Are you planning to start your own business or become a self-employed worker? Québec offers an attractive business environment and many resources to help you create your own job.


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