What are the training formats and tools offered?
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What are SIEL’s objectives and what are the advantages for you?


  • Speed up your professional and social integration by starting the process abroad.
  • Develop your own personalized action plan in order to plan the steps to take from abroad and in Québec to be able to find a job and settling in Québec.
  • Discover the work environment in Québec as well as workplace behaviours and attitudes.
  • Discover Québec society, culture and common values.
  • Facilitate your settlement in Québec (finding housing, opening a bank account, accessing public services, etc.).
  • Develop your network of Web contacts.


SIEL is:

  • Practical: The online integration content is adapted to the realities of Québec society.
  • Accessible: You have access to training at all times without any scheduling, space or time constraints.
  • User-friendly: The work environment is simple and the tools are easy to use.
  • Personalized: An online agent answers your questions and guides you in your integration process.
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