What are the training formats and tools offered?
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What online integration content is addressed?

You can access online integration content on your own using the online training platform TM SIGAL®. It is presented in the form of modules and interactive training capsules.

Module 1

Adapting to the work environment in Québec*

Module 2

Québec society

Module 3

Settling in and life in Québec*

  • The job interview
  • Labour laws
  • Job titles
  • Creating your own job
  • Activity sectors and job prospects
  • The keys to finding a job
  • Job search tools
  • Regulated professions and trades
  • Workplace communication
  • Learning French
  • Employer expectations
  • Introduction to the common values of Québec society
  • In Québec: Speaking French is a necessity
  • Québec: A free and democratic society
  • Québec: A society rich in its diversity
  • Québec: A society based on the rule of law
  • In Québec: Women and men have the same rights
  • In Québec: Exercising human rights and freedoms while respecting those of others and the general wellbeing
  • Québec history highlights
  • Levels of government


  • Steps to take
  • Choosing a region to settle in
  • The education system
  • Reception and integration assistance services
  • The healthcare system
  • Housing
* Modules 1 and 3 are linked to the personalized action plan.


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