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Electronic services

The Arrima platform allows for a better alignment between immigration and the needs of Québec’s labour market. Its use is completely free. Ultimately, the platform will provide services for all the Ministère’s clients. Many of these services will be developed in the coming years.

Application for permanent selection
To submit and update an application for permanent selection under the Regular Skilled Worker Program after receiving an invitation in Arrima

Registration for an information session about Québec
To know more about Québec! Information sessions are offered in Asia, in Europe and in South America for individuals wishing to immigrate to Québec.

Foreign students: Online application for temporary selection for studies
The online application for temporary selection for studies is intended for foreign nationals who wish to stay in Québec in order to study. This secure program allows you to complete your application, pay the required fees and track online the processing of your application.

Online appointment scheduling service
The Online appointment scheduling service is offered to people who expect to arrive in Québec in the next 30 days as permanent residents of Canada as well as to newcomers to Québec. It is a free application that offers universal access to a range of integration and francization services designed to meet the needs of new immigrants. The application allows you to generate your user profile, discover the services offered by the Ministère and its partners and benefit from a customized offer of services that you can register for online.

Service d'intégration en ligne (Online integration service)
Discover how to integrate quickly into Québec society using our Service d'intégration en ligne (SIEL Online integration service). SIEL offers online integration content that you can access independently, interactive exercises, a range of tools including a discussion group, e-mail, frequently asked questions, and useful links. It will help you settle in Québec and start looking for a job.

Please note that this service will no longer be available as of December 21, 2020. The Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) has set up a new direct support service for immigrants: Accompagnement Québec. For more information on the Accompagnement Québec service, please contact MIFI’s Centre de contacts clientèle (Information service).

Intermediate and advanced online French courses, and French self-learning modules in specialized fields
These courses and modules are offered online to help you improve your knowledge of French, discover Québec, its culture and its values, and ease your integration into the host society. Various subjects are addressed: job and housing searches, the education and healthcare system, and much more. This training will increase your chances of success in Québec. An online tutor is available to help you through this learning process.

Online application for admission to a full-time French course
The Online application for admission to a full-time French course is intended for immigrants living in Québec who have not mastered French and need quick access to language education or immigrants who have been living in Québec for some time and who wish to upgrade their French. This secure program allows you to complete your application and track online the processing of your application.

Online French exercise database (In French)
This French exercise database is intended for students of French as a second language at the beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. You will find a wide variety of exercises to help you improve your knowledge of French.

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