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Québec has four very distinct seasons that range from very hot summers to often heavy snowfalls in winter.

Quebecers have learned to adapt to life in a northern region. Whatever the season, the climate is favourable for a host of activities.

  • In spring, young and old can visit a sugar shack, where maple sap is transformed into delicious taffy right before their eyes.
  • Summer brings numerous festivals across all regions. It’s also the ideal season for water sports and other outdoor activities, such as setting off on Québec’s hiking trails or thousands of kilometres of bicycle paths.
  • In autumn, Nature dons a coat of many colours. This is the season for apple picking and observing the snow geese.
  • Winter is a time for getting together to enjoy winter festivals, celebrations and outdoor events. Sports such as skating, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and ice fishing are very popular.

    Each year, Québec City has an average of 107 days of snow, compared to 76 for Montréal.


Average monthly temperatures for Québec City and Montréal


It's important to dress appropriately to fully enjoy everything each season has to offer. Read about clothing to bring or buy for an exploratory trip to Québec.  


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